Living Building Challenge (LBC)

 “What if every single act of design and construction made the world a better place?”

LBC demands regenerative design solutions – building projects that go beyond simply reducing harm and, instead, actually improve the local environment. LBC projects provide the strongest commitment to the environment because they account for all negative environmental externalities (air, water, habitat quality, human health & happiness and the ability of future generations to live a healthy life and meet their own needs).

Regenerative design principles, when applied to a project, can yield enormous benefits, in terms of life cycle cost, worker happiness, community goodwill and brand value (not to mention front line ecological benefit).

A Living Building Challenge project requires integrative teamwork and a clear understanding of occupant behavior and resource consumption. IES provides consulting on all aspects of LBC, including healthy building material research, planning for net zero energy and water use and preparation of required documentation for certification.

Living Buildings for a Living Future

Jason McLennan, the founder of Living Building Challenge, presents a TED Talk on how LBC is revolutionizing the green building and sustainability movement worldwide.
Our LBC Projects