Insights from the Living Product Expo 2017

By Nick Noyes and IES Staff

A contingent from IES, representing a variety of perspectives, journeyed to Pittsburgh for the recent LP17. Staffers attending were Mariah Kurtz, Shavon Prophet and Irene Winkelbauer, healthy building materials specialists; Clark Semon, systems designer; Patrick Brannan, director of people and organization; and Donald Mulhern, senior sustainability manager. Owner Charley Stephenson was also on hand and joined other panelists for an educational discussion on Leveraging the Living Building Challenge to Achieve Healthy, High Performing Spaces.From diverse perspectives, all participants share a commitment to healthy, sustainable buildings and products. They offer here some quick impressions of this significant annual event.

Healthy People, Planet, and Bottom Lines

Happy Earth Day!
By Nick Noyes, Shavon Prophet

As an industry, green building is on pace to double every three years in large part due to the growing adoption of green building standards such as LEED, Living Building Challenge and Well. This year’s Earth Day campaign theme is “Environmental & Climate Literacy,” and Integrated Eco Strategy is on the case to shatter a myth or two in the interest of improving understanding of how choosing healthy building materials benefit not only our environment, but can contribute immensely to the well-being of people.

Material Vetting, What’s it Really Like?

One of our Healthy Building Materials Specialists wrote this piece to answer the question. Here is a description of material vetting work – a knight’s tale if you will:

In a field that is constantly changing, no two correspondences are the same. There are a host of factors that influence the vetting process. Manufacturers’ familiarity with Living Building Challenge (LBC) requirements, their level of skepticism towards green building, and the stringency of proprietary confidentiality are just a few of the aspects that color a vetter’s interaction with the maker of a potential LBC product, not to mention the fact that an individual’s workload dictates where on a priority list filling out a never-before-seen Integrated Eco Strategy disclosure form falls.

Meet the newest member of our team

Meet Matt Root. He will be our Boston based project manager. Matt comes to IES from CLEAResult, an Austin, Texas-based energy efficiency consulting firm, where he led a multi-disciplinary team of mechanical engineers, building-enclosure experts and building scientists. His experience includes serving as a Home Energy Rating System rater and then as a LEED for…